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I have always had an eye for the details. From an early age, I realized that if you keep yourself organized and make a plan, you can accomplish almost anything. When I was in college, I took an art class that inspired me to find a career that paired my keen attention to detail with my creative and imaginative interests. 

After I graduated from the University of Maryland, I pursued a career in event management. I learned to connect with people on a genuine, personal level and to understand their needs. I taught myself to keep cool under pressure and how to navigate bumpy waters.

Producing events isn’t just about making things beautiful – it’s about managing all the details – from logistics and budgeting, to the challenges and intricacies of family dynamics.  I love making the planning process fun and exceeding the client’s expectations at every turn.


I love exploring new destinations, discovering a new song or restaurant or artist. I find inspiration everywhere. In my downtime, I’m hanging out at home in Potomac, Maryland with my food & spirits loving husband, my boisterous, but oh so lovable, son and my delicious pup, Winnie

what's your claim to fame?

I'm on time, or early.  Always!

what's your drink of choice?

Extra dirty (filthy) Grey Goose martini with extra olives.

what celebrity would you like to meet and have dinner with?

Ina Garten (and Jeffrey, of course).  

what’s something you like to do the old-fashioned way?

Dinner parties.  Flowers, candles, cloth napkins, proper wine glasses, the works.

favorite family tradition?

Our weeks at the beach in Duck, North Carolina.  We’ve been going to the Outer Banks since the eighties! 

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